Morning Hike: Fasted cardio – Day 8 Quarantine – I just had to stretch out my legs.

After driving across the country and being cooped up for 8 days I got out there and just didn’t want to stop…so I just didn’t. My Mom is very concerned about the self-isolation guidelines being that you “are only allowed to walk for a one hour down the road and return home.” My Mom was so worried, “If the police find out that you are gone for more than one hour…they will stay at the property until you return…”

Haha, have fun waiting 6 hours. I understand the purpose of self-isolation, public safety, yada yada yada. But as if that would matter. I walked entirely alone down a gravel road for a decent portion. ZERO RISK OF TRANSMISSION – and also I have been absolutely self-isolating for 6 months so chill.

So yeah, instead an out and back of an hour I decided to make it the loop. One hour? As if. It wasn’t until I was walking for two that my monkey mind chilled out and I was able to ease into a rhythm. I don’t do well with being given a time limit. I want to take it as far as I want to take it. So I do. I like to push beyond my perceived limitations. From the words of T.S. Elliot: “Only those who will risk going to far can find how far they can go.”

For now it’s walking and cycling. I will start lifting weights at the gym after quarantine. Eventually I want to cycle to the pool in a nearby community, take lessons and learn how to swim. I will focus on developing a routine of foam rolling and flexibility. Running can wait. I have six months, or more, to focus on building a strong, balanced, well-conditioned body and helping my Mom renovate her home and develop her farm. Two years ago I reached my leanest weight from juicing and smoothies. I have started that up again and I will get my Mom on the vegan bandwagon. I am starting to stretch and foam roll and after this hike my body is loosening up and stretching is starting to feel good again. I am so incredibly thankful to be here right now and to have this half a year to dedicate to …all that stuff…but I digress… 

The walk was nice. It was sunny. There were bugs. I slept during the day and now I am just yearning to go out and do it again this time by moonlight: By far my favourite time. The thing I like most about the night is, well no people, but also no heat and sun that make hydration and coverage essential. I was being kind of cocky by bringing 500 mls of water with about 125 mls of maple syrup. I had to ration it and I got thirsty. That was kind of fun, the challenge of seeing how far I could go essentially in a fasted state. The fun part of “see how far you can go” is that it’s a loop. There is no recourse. Just keep going. But I digress again. 

*I need to get the heck out of here*

I will make sure my Mom is tucked away into bed, all the lights are off and then I will slip away to experience the tranquility of the night where I always come alive. 


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