Trauma Recovery

A blog of my training journey from beginner to ultra marathoner

About Me

[September 2019]  I have just moved to Victoria and am establishing my life here. I love to run and cycle and will be learning how to swim. I am learning to work less so I can live more. This blog is my journey of me trying to create the quality of life I need so I can be my best self.

[October 2021]  ***That’s cute *** 2 years later *** I am humbled and broken and starting to put the shards of my life back together.  This blog is a work in progress, much like me.  I’ve decided to step away from Social Media and use my blog instead as my outlet for all the things I want to say…this is likely a much better platform for my often over-inclusive dear diary posts.  =)

This blog will start to take shape as I learn how to use it.