MRIRUNS: Sherry Hill Farm

Complex PTSD Trauma Rehabilitation Recovery Refuge

MRIRUNS: the world (haha, just kidding, site under construction, or wanting to be, some time within the next few months (enter Fiverr, because obviously

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Complex PTSD Trauma Rehabilitation Recovery

Retreat: A Pathway to Remission Through Rehabilitation and Recovery.

Understand: What Happened To You. Instead of focusing on what’s “wrong” with you or labelling you as “crazy,” the paradigm shift is centred on exploring what you have been through. This transformative approach was inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s remarkable new book (her audiobook and conversation with Dr. Perry are incredibly enlightening).

Nurture: The aim is to address the trauma that wounded the inner child by utilizing diverse healing techniques, including individual and group trauma counseling, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, and Registered Massage Therapy. Trauma is stored in the body’s tissues, as explained by van der Kolk in “The Body Keeps the Score” and Gabor Maté in “When the Body Says No.” Other approaches involve nurturing lavender fields, gathering maple syrup, taking nature walks in the 40-acre forest, and practicing ocean walks and meditation. For those interested, cold water therapy ocean swims and sauna are also available.

Stabilize: Through consistent daily schedule and programming called social rhythm therapy, the foundation of regulation.