Follow my progress with live updates for 100 miles Mors

First of all, here are the links:


Live Tracking and race weekend schedule:

I am running my first ultramarathon next Saturday, September 9th, starting at 9:30am in Denmark (9 hours later than PST).  There is an island in Denmark that is exactly 100 miles (161 km) to drive around it and this is the race.  There is so much unknown involved as I embark on my adventure and all I can say is that I’m going to try my best, give it my all and learn from this experience.  There is a 26 hours cut off, I will try my best to finish by that time since no one wants a DNF attached to their name.  This stands for Did Not Finish however also could be referred to as Did Nothing Fatal.  I’m just going to see what my body can do and enjoy the ride.


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