2019 – Reflections and new beginnings 💫

My Instagram turned dear diary post got a little lengthy. I blame it on the night shift brain. The picture was of my FitBit scale: 149.6 lbs, 17.7% body fat. Then many reflections ensued and soon had literally nothing to do with the picture. Here it is: My weight this morning. I’m happily entering 2019 at my new set point that I’ve maintained for the last 7 months. My weight is something I’ve obsessed over my whole life. Well definitely for the last 22 years or more. It’s really too bad that it was such a torment for me. My self worth and my self esteem were so affected by the number I saw on the scale and what I thought I should see. I actually named my FitBit scale my SelfWorth scale, kind of joking but really not. It’s sad to think of the contempt I felt for myself just because of something so superficial. I’m realizing now that many of the symptoms I’ve had for decades were related to my thyroid issues. Now that I’ve corrected the issue I can see and feel the difference to a problem I didn’t know I had. I’m so thankful for the series of events in 2017 that led to me deciding to see a naturopath. I started training and building a foundation for a couple ultramarathons later that year (Denmark and Arizona). My friend Tanya Horton went trail running with me for the first time out at Kenna. I introduced her to the trails. Then shortly after she went out rolled her ankle on the trail and had a very bad injury that plagued her for way too long (Sorry Tanya!). She had prolotherapy and that was effective for her. I became injured at the conclusion of my 115 day run streak after spending a week in Vancouver, beating my legs up running faster than my body was conditioned for along the sea wall. I returned to Kamloops, not missing a day in the streak, to nail a half marathon PR and develop a pretty severe case of shin splints. Classic too much too soon. Classic me. I was desperate to get back into running but after my first treatment I wasn’t allowed to run for a week. That killed me! But after one week I was able to start running again. I gradually got into it. I was pain free! I couldn’t believe it. Then I got kicked in the face at work which resulted in whiplash and a concussion. I was laid out on the couch for a couple weeks. My head was so heavy. I could only lay down. It hurt so much to stand or for my head to be unsupported. I remained horizontal for a week or two. My neck was in rough shape so I had prolotherapy on my shins and on my neck. After several appointments I thought I should investigate my bloodwork further and I requested different blood tests. I was happy to pay for the extra tests. I felt like something wasn’t right. I discovered that I actually have an autoimmune disorder: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. My T3 and T4 were extremely low, my TSH was really high. My antibodies were really high. An elevated thyroid stimulating hormone indicates that there is a problem with the thyroid since your body releases greater amounts of this hormone to do the same job. I didn’t even realize it until it got better but I had almost all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism for so many years. There WAS something wrong with me. As soon as I started taking the thyroid hormone I felt like a different person. I had so much more energy. I could think clearly. I didn’t realize I was so foggy before. You don’t know what you don’t know. All of a sudden I wasn’t so hungry all the time. The dose was adjusted. Everything came together June 2018. I dropped 20 lbs and was barely exercising compared to the ultramarathon training I did over the year before. I feel so good now. It’s a night and day difference. It is so empowering to be able to take control of my health in this way. If I didn’t go to the naturopath I never would have been tested for this. He tested my antibodies and they were elevated showing that my body was attacking my thyroid. If I didn’t correct this issue it would have only gotten worse. If I didn’t do that run steak I wouldn’t have gotten that injury. At the same time my friend got hers, sort of because of me introducing her to the trails. If I didn’t have that neck injury I wouldn’t have had so many appointments at the clinic that led me to investigate further. Butterfly effect. It’s so funny how every little experience in life can take you down a different path based on your decisions and choices. I feel so good now. I can definitely say that I am the healthiest I have ever been mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s been a wild ride and I like where I am right now. Plus I’m stoked for what’s to come. #2019 #letsdothis

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