Pedal Colombia 🇨🇴Tour Day 1

I definitely need to update this blog. I DNF’d at the ultra in Denmark and didn’t end up writing a race report of my learning experience. I’ll write a belated post after this trip since I’m not interested in reflecting on that now. I have way cooler stuff to talk about!!  (I did go on to finish my first 100 km ultramarathon in Arizona in October 31st and that was simply AMAZING – more about that later).

What’s my much cooler stuff you might ask?  (Maybe you didn’t but come on, im pumped!). I’m in Colombia right now on a ten day cycling tour!  Just finished day one. Before I get some sleep (pretty good idea considering the longer day we have tomorrow) I want to do a quick update.

The first day was incredible!!  It was quite an adjustment weaving around traffic along the busy streets near Medellin (route from today uploaded on Strava, Instagram, Facebook, ya know 🤭).  I am simply thrilled to be here.  The support crew has been amazing.  There is never any concern about being left behind and they supply us with fuel and water.

I am so thankful for the help I received today!  While riding the steep terrain I really wasn’t that efficient with shifting gears. One of the guys was driving a motorcycle beside me and really helped me out by encouraging me to shift up or down.  I have so much to learn and thrilled to get more time on the bike training at high altitude where pros from all over the world come to get more awesome.  😊

***sidenote: I’m basically self taught and I can definitely use the guidance and advice. (got a road bike when I was a fire fighter back in 2005.  Bought a bike my first year instead of a car).***

I want to do a play by play of my day but considering my alarm is going off in 5 hours I best get some sleep.  More updates to follow.

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